How to use video marketing to increase traffic, leads and sales to your business

Get famous in your market place!

The amazing power of video in the Information Age

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The most compelling reason to start using video in your marketing is this: businesses using video in their marketing are making more sales. Whether you are a sole operator or a large organisation you too will be able to increase your sales using video.

Get famous in your market place! – John McGrath, YOU Inc

If you would like to run a phenomenally success business then you need to become famous in your market place! You need to be everywhere at all times.

The best thing about the Information Age is that it is so simple to do this – you can use video to be seen and heard by a mass audience now. And you can use video to be the stand out business of choice in your market.

Would you like more time for YOU?

It is so simple to access the benefits of video and to incorporate them into your digital marketing program to make more sales and ultimately to earn more money and improve your lifestyle! If you would like more time for the best things in life then working smarter and not harder is surely your business goal!

Why do things the expensive way? Aka “traditional marketing”

Some companies want to keep doing things the hard way, the way that they did in the Industrial Age relying on calling, printing & physically attending everything in person to nurture business relationships. While it is necessary to meet with your clients as often as you can it is physically impossible to catch up for a coffee with everyone on your database!

It goes without saying that many expensive traditional marketing methods are simply fading away in 2014. Do you remember when you used to have the newspapers delivered? Do you remember how expensive it was to market yourself in those newspapers? TV ads? Would you bother now that most people are downloading their favourite TV series on Itunes, so they can enjoy them WITHOUT ads?

The Information Age v the Digital Age:

Fortunately the Information Age has introduced the means for you to use real leverage to be in front of many more potential clients than you could have dreamed of, even a few years ago.

Death of a Salesman – Welcome the Online Marketer!

How do you use the Power of Leverage to achieve more sales?

In his book “Cold Calling is a Waste of Time” Frank Rambauskas describes the “Power of Leverage” with the analogy of a person trying to move a boulder. If you’re a particulary strong person you may be able to get the boulder to shift –  if you use all your strength. On the other hand, if you simply get a plank of wood and place it under the boulder, push down on the other end of the plank..…the boulder rolls away. This is a succinct analogy of the methods of the Information Age as opposed to the much tougher methods of the Industrial Age.

Leverage your marketing and reach a mass audience with video now

One of the reasons that business owners want to spend their precious time and resources using traditional marketing methods is simply habit. And one of the other reasons they stick with old habits is not becuase of effectiveness but because they simply aren’t sure what else to do.

Reality check re traditional marketing methods:

If you are not sure whether you are using the most efficient prospecting methods in 2014 it may be time to reassess your old methods. Try asking yourself the following:

  • Whether walking around and saying hi, or hitting the phones for hours on end, how many people can you really get in front of, in one exhausting day?
  • Is my audience really wanting to see/hear from me at this very minute?
  • Or in reality, are they engaged right now in their own business, their own agenda?
  • Don’t you hate it when you hear the voice at the other end of the phone asking you if you need a new printer?

Harness the leverage of video to reach a massive audience and take more time off!

  • There is a faster and more cost efficient way for you to be seen and heard by a much, much larger target audience
  • What if you could multiply yourself and put yourself in front of more prospects, at a time that suits them, hence not annoying them.
  • What if this massive audience saw you as the Expert in your industry and came to you? Would you prefer this to being the business owner that prospects perceive as desperate and annoying?


With the shift from traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers etc) to the self publishing new media of the internet you don’t have to wait to be invited to be a guest on Sky News or pay for TV ads!  You can use your email, your e-newsletters and your Social Media (such as your professional Facebook & YouTube channel etc) to be seen as the expert in your core area. You can control the new media with a click of your mouse!

Your first professional video is the first step to taking ownership of the new media in your market place!

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